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IBAC Judges

Meet Our Esteemed International Judges

We are proud to introduce the distinguished panel of judges who will be evaluating submissions for the IBACs.

Each of these individuals brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, ensuring  every entry receives

thorough and fair consideration.

Get to know our esteemed judges!

Explore the Entrepreneurial World: IBAC International Business Awards Council Magazine

Delivering Impactful Experiences

Introducing the IBAC International Business Awards Council Magazine - a pioneering initiative by our consortium. Our magazine offers exclusive interviews and articles with prominent business leaders, providing entrepreneurs with a platform to share their stories.

Covering topics such as sustainability and holistic living, we showcase our company's approach to international market implementation and highlight our structured approach to education and innovation deployment.

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Karolina Grzelewska International Judge

Experience Excellence:
Our Unique Perspective Unveiled

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Educator Karolina Ewa Grzelewska is an International Hair Awards Judge, Hairdressing Salon and Hair Academy Owner, and also an Accredited Educator & Master Craftsman and Hair Care Organic cosmetics manufacturer.

This accomplished EU/UK Learning Provider delivers professional training for beginners and advanced stylists through 1:1 and group training.

The precursor of hairdressing, Karolina has been established in the industry since 1996. Showcasing old-school and modern cutting and colouring techniques alike, she is also the Founder of the Hairdresser’s Association and, since 2022, has been an International Hairdressing Judge in Dubai.

@hairlifeprofessional  @arttrendshairacademy

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Faye Finaro is a former professional model who graced the catwalks of Milan and heavily featured in Maxim magazine along with many others.

In 2016, she won the title of the UK’s Top Swimwear Model and  went on to design and create the SOS Beauty Mobile App after developing an interest in software design and completing qualifications in project management.


Alongside this successful career, Faye has always had major involvement in the Further Education sector, supporting many colleges and training providers across the UK with their sales and marketing strategy, helping them to improve learner engagement and retention.


A key aim for Faye is to bring her awareness of educational standards and marketing into the beauty sector to help small businesses thrive - and  the mobile app and the Awards give them the opportunity to do just that!

@sosbeauty_monileapp   @sos_beauty_   @sosbeautyawards

Judge Faye Finaro 2024 IBAC Awards

(Kru)  Lumpai Kummoo

International Judge, School Director, Spa & Clinic founder, Teacher Assessor & IQA (Internal Quality Assurance). Thai Spa Clinical Healing Expert Lumpai has seven years' experience plus a Degree in Health & Social Care UK.

Currently studying at university, the Business & Leadership wellness

Thai SPA Clinical Healing Master also boasts being:

- A UK Speaker at the Holistic Health Exhibition 2022

- UK Judge at the UK Red Carpet Awards  2023

- VIP International Judge the Touch of Venus Awards 2023

- International Judge at Italy's Massage Championship 2023

- UK Judge at SOS Beauty Awards 2024

- German Global Massage Championship 2024

- International Bulgaria Masters Massage Festival 2024

A Serial Entrepreneur active in Mergers & Acquisitions, Samuel Petko is a Business Growth Specialist
Accountant by profession.

Alongside this, Samuel is also a Marketing & Sales Solutions Provider
Education enthusiast.

Samuel Petko Judge IBAC
Bevon Williams.png

Bevon Williams, meanwhile, is a highly respected figure in the field of Sports Healthcare, renowned for his expertise in manual therapy and dedication to athlete well-being.


With a passion for sports and a commitment to excellence, Bevon founded ProSport Clinic TT Ltd to provide specialised care to athletes in Trinidad and Tobago and beyond.

- Founder and Director of ProSport Clinic TT Ltd

- A World Spa Organization Ambassador

- An International Massage Judge

- And a Manual Therapy Educator

Simona Radu Morgan from Escape Reality Beauty & Holistic Training Academy has also joined the International IBAC Judging Team 2024.


Simona's impressive dossier includes Teacher & QCF Assessor of Vocational Skills, International Massage & Holistic Judge, with 35 years of experience in the holistic industry.


JUDGE TEAM 2024.png

Maxine Booth


an entrepreneur who has been in the industry from a young age and never looked back. As a Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Actress and Model she has learnt to use her talent. Now as a TV Host / Interviewer on Sky, this has taken her on the red carpet for film premieres in London and now in the USA

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