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Business Competition


If You have a LEGAL and REGISTERED Business, take Accredited Certification and use the title of PREMIUM BRAND.                                         

Our Trusted Company and Trusted Business Audits include bountiful Business Benefits all around the World!

To Apply

For full registration, all we require is copies of the following documents:

  • Confirmation of registered business or LTD

  • Valid public liability insurance

  • Copies of recent electricity, gas or water bills

  • Copy of the terms and conditions for customers - services or goods, return requisites and feedback

After registering, please send your documents to (as PDFs, photos, scans or via other web transfer).

All Data is 100% SAFE and we do not share any files with other companies. GDPR Guarantee.

Both the IBAC verification department and the Judging team will verify your documents.

If you meet the minimum verification criteria, you will be nominated for an award to be presented with on stage.


You can then choose your AUDIT package. Simply select the right AUDIT package for you - Basic, Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum - and make your payment via the Buy a Ticket option.

Nagroda dla firmy
International Judge Team

Are You ready for Nomination? Get PREMIUM Brand Certification and Award 2024!

Awards Category 2024

Please don't buy any Awards for any other events. Remember: prestige and Premium Brand don't want to buy any awards! Trusted Companies, Trusted Businesses always have a strong position and correct reputation. We offer Business Audit and Nomination with Accredited Certification. IBAC Foundation keep high standards and straight laws way to success! Join to International Network and Awards Premium System.

We create a strong success way for any Business.

Audit Packages: Basic, Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum - Are You ready for Nomination?


Business Awards

Any Brand and any Industry. International Judge checks and verifies all applicants from any Country. This Award and Nominations are recommended for any legal business (registered and insured) Get a Nomination and take Trusted Business Accredited Certification. Get Ready for Stage Award 2024. Require selected package (Basic, Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) Welcome! Please select the correct Audit-Award Package. We have available more than 80 categories. After registration, we deliver the best choice for You.


Influencer & Freelancer

If you are an active and trusted expert and represent the Influencer or Freelancer community, you are in the right place! A nomination and an award are waiting for you here! Fill out the application below and send us a portfolio (instead of company documents). We invite you to a TV interview and to the cover of a business magazine! Contact us for more information. (We require a portfolio and links to your work)

International Influencer or Freelancer Award 2024 with selected category (only 8 places are available)


Actor, Artist or ART & Media

If you are a strong media person and participate in many charity projects, support events, foundations or simply help - then know that we want to get to know you! Artistic value is one thing, but heart and goodness, the desire to help others is a wonderful foundation to reward you! Contact us for more information. Receive a nomination from the IBAC Business Association. The initiative of providing support and mentoring is an important element in any social environment. It is also an important element in business, because such networking builds great opportunities.

Registration IBAC Competition

Before registration, please prepare all documents in one PDF file. We require a complete package - including:

- Business registration confirmation

- Business Public Liability Insurance copy

- Copy of Qualification or Accreditation

- Proof, copy of utility Invoices

- Copy of Customer Service Rules

- Logotype high-quality file 600 DPI

If You have a problem preparing PDF file, please send all documents to: Subject: REG UPLOAD

If You speak with the area Manager or Advisor, please select the correct reference number, before the application is sent.

Remember! Please select the correct Ticket Package after nomination (The application is removed automatically if You don't select Ticket Package).

Upload PDF
Select Area Manager if You have reference number

Thank You for Upload!

Business Competition
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