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The Business Consortium comprises a team of experienced experts who have pioneered the establishment of the IBAC TM organisation. We are dedicated to introducing innovative concepts into the global business arena. Employing original implementation procedures and tailored strategies, we ensure the optimal presentation of each brand, irrespective of its inception year.

Drawing inspiration from art and cutting-edge advancements, our innovative projects seamlessly blend functionality with modernity.

IBAC's primary objective is to provide comprehensive support and co-ordination for business events across diverse categories and complex operational domains. Our distinctive solutions are meticulously crafted, setting us apart in the industry.

Our organisational structure encompasses the following departments:

  1. Business Magazine and Publishing, PR & Marketing Division

  2. Occasional and Permanent Industry-specific Event Management

  3. Trusted Business Certified Businessmen's & Businesswomen's  Association

  4. Support Group for Disabled Start-Up Initiatives and Foundations

  5. Esteemed Local and International Industry Competitions

  6. Business Academy and Networking, International Development Projects

  7. Institutional Business Support Centre

At the helm of our organisation stand the esteemed founders and leading council members:

  • Mrs. Barbara D. Kumar

  • Mr. Marek M. Grzelewski

Wedding Table Arrangements
Paparazzi Photographers
Red Carpet Entrance
Cocktail Event
Red Carpet Event
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